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A bit about Markus

Hi I’m Markus, a 25 year veteran of the Audiology (hearing care) industry having successfully run a variety of businesses, clinics and services built on ethics, advocacy and best care practices that I’m transferring to real estate in the Okanagan where I have lived since 2011. Originally from Germany, I grew up in Calgary, lived in Portland OR, Courtney/Comox, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and have travelled broadly around the world for work and pleasure including outreaches to India and Africa.

I’m passionate about connecting with people, growing wealth, and providing ways to make housing ownership more accessible. I am a professional, easy-going, keep-it-simple and get-it-done kind of professional that gets you the best bang for your buck whether you’re buying or selling in Kelowna and the surrounding area.

I do it all for you, make your experience simple and truly concierge. Leave it to me and my better half, my team member and wife, Rachel Mraz. Together, we will make your real estate experience relaxing and rewarding. 

I love music, reading, learning, growth, movies, family time and riding my motorcycle. I am a synthesist, with a hegelian affinity to finding uncompromising connections between perspectives to create new ideas and a new outlook. I like to rethink what is common, rework it and revive a passion in people around a common cause. My biggest passion is my faith and my marriage, having found grace in both and grateful for every day to reach higher, run further and grow stronger.  I solve problems. I engage and motivate others to achieve their vision, and I am a doer.